The Curtain Rises project

The Curtain Rises is a National Lottery Heritage funded project to conserve the history and culture of Seaton Delaval Hall. The brief I have been given as part of this project requires me to produce piece of animation that will be displayed at the hall.

The project initially requested 5 animations to be placed behind five doors and would be viewed through a key hole, but as the project has expanded there will now be 7. I created an animation proposal revolved around telling the story of the fates of family members the the lens of a myth in the family history that said they were cursed to never die in their beds, and felt that using a puppet show theatre would reflect the families renowned playful nature.

(created with After Effects, Maya, Sony SoundForge 9, Photoshop, and traditional media)

This proposal has been selected to go further and I will update when more details of the next part of the brief are given.

The Final Animation