The Legend between the Tapestry

Stage 1: Draw out with pencil and india ink pen

Stage 2: Scan into Photoshop and create a darken layer.

Stage 3: Photoshop!!!

I have always had a passion for bold colours and imaginative character styles, which is why I was eager to have the opportunity to create a piece of art based on the Windwaker. A game which even by today’s standards has stood the test of time and remains as vivid and animated now as it was ten years ago. For this particular piece my desire was to create a something that demonstrated the different aesthetics between old and new Hyrule and bring them together. By using a mixture of bold and saturated colours my intention was to show not just the eternal struggle between light and darkness but also the struggle of old against new. The picture is finished in a ‘tapestry-style’ consigning link’s showdown to history, and indeed the history of Hyrule itself. Time taken: 1 and a half days

The Legend Between The Tapestry DrawnThe Legend Between The Tapestry BlackThe Legend Between The Tapestry Colour

4 Hours